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Graduating Senior Frequently Asked Questions.

Your senior year of high school is one of the most exciting times of your life. High school graduation is rewarding yet emotional, exciting yet difficult, and one of life’s important milestones.

What is the most important question a high school senior should know?

Know your options and identify your path. You don’t want to be in a rush to decide and choose your life’s work. You need to discover what you like, take notes on what interests you. You need to choose what you like if you want to be good at what you are doing. Making a checklist of your interests can help in the decision process. Know that just because you are graduating, it doesn’t mean you need a life map already carved out from beginning to end. Take time to make notes of your options, whether it is university or community college, trade school or the military, travel or work. By laying out your options, it will allow you to process and begin your path into adulthood

What important documentation do I need to have for graduation?

Your senior year is all about deadlines. If you are planning on attending college after graduation, make sure to know your college application due dates and complete that paperwork on time. If you will be looking for financial aid, check with your counselors on what paperwork must be completed and know their required deadlines. Ask your teachers, coaches, and or administrative staff for recommendation letters. Provide them with proper paperwork and envelopes. You will need these recommendations for both your academic future as well as when applying for employment. A great rule of thumb, keep copies of everything you send to colleges, your recommendation letters, and any financial aid paperwork you complete.

What is the first thing I should look at when getting ready for my high school graduation?

Set up a meeting with your school guidance counselor to answer questions you may have regarding graduation eligibility requirements. Generally, a certain number of credits and classes are required with passing grades before a student is given their diploma.

Should I be aware of my grades during my senior year or is just passing good enough?

Taking time to look at your high school transcripts before sending them off to colleges and universities gives you a better picture of your performance so far. It will give you perspective on the year ahead and allow you to see areas you might need to improve in. Keep close eye on your GPA as this is a deciding factor in acceptance to those colleges and universities

Are there other factors to look at when preparing for life after graduation?

There are many things to look at during your senior year to prepare you for when you leave high school. This is the final steps you will take before moving into adulthood. Just as good grades are important for college acceptance, you must also leave high school with the right personal survival skills necessary. Getting good grades and taking as many electives as possible are important to prepare yourself for college. Obtaining the necessary skills in making yourself self sufficient is vital in the real world.

What are personal survival skills?

Personal survival skills are those vital, necessary tasks that one must do for themselves in order to survive. Getting a part time job before graduation, getting your driver’s license, volunteering in the community or at church, and being responsible for a bank account are all important ways to prepare yourself for life after high school. After leaving high school, you may be going off to college, working full time, traveling. You will be entering the world as a real adult and with that will come individual responsibilities.

How will I get my cap and gown?

Most of the time ordering graduation caps and gowns are handled by your school. You will have the opportunity to order your cap and gown most likely through your high school bookstore. Check with them for pricing, due dates, and requirements in ordering. You may have to pay any late or outstanding fees to the school before you are able to pick up your cap and gown.

Are Senior Pictures that important?

Graduating high school is such an important milestone in your life and it needs to be celebrated by capturing who you are in a portrait. This is a once in a lifetime event, it is your coming of age and will be part of your senior yearbook memories. You will be able to share with your friends and family your individuality at this important moment in time. Your senior photos are not the one pose experience in front of the gray background with a quick smile; it allows you to capture your interests, your creativity, and your individual look. Props can be used, photos can be taken outside, you can incorporate your extracurricular interests into the photo, and you can choose where you want to take them.

Is it common to host a graduation party?

A graduation party is an important celebration and considered a rite of passage. Think about where you would like to celebrate and those you would like to invite. You will want to make your guest list and plan food and refreshments you would like to include. Decide where you would like to host your party. You will want to print invitations and send those out one month prior to your graduation. Planning the party in your home with simple refreshments will cut down on cost.

When do I send out graduation announcements?

Graduation announcements are a great opportunity to share with your family and friends the news of your graduation and give them an opportunity to be part of it. It is often a good idea to include your senior portrait photos for family and those you don’t see often. Congratulations. Your high school graduation is a moment to celebrate accomplishments, memories, and a time to look forward to the future. It is an exciting chapter in the continual story of your life. Enjoy!

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